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The one where we go to a surprisingly super-cool party

Even though I live in THE ENTERTAINMENT CAPITAL OF THE WORLD!!!!, I hardly ever go out because I’m pinching my pennies until I get better paychecks. Last weekend, my roommate, Jasmine, heard about a Heineken-sponsored party in Culver City (ed. … Continue reading

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View from my apartment

What’s funny is that my BFFFFF from home, Megan, lived in this EXACT SAME apartment complex in 2003. There are eight apartments total and of those, my current apartment and her old apartment mirror each other in their layout and … Continue reading

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Idea: Friend Playlist

So I got this idea when I was washing dishes and listening to my iTunes about three minutes ago– a band came up on the playlist that a friend back home had suggested to me. I wouldn’t have normally listened … Continue reading

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Sooooo. It’s been so long since my last post, you’re probably wondering if I’m still alive.  I am! (Just barely.) See, I just had a suuuuuuper-rough two weeks and didn’t want to bum anyone out with my sad-sack posts. In … Continue reading

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The devil wears Armani

I had a pre-interview interview with someone the other day. It was with talent agent’s assistant who was searching for her replacement since she was leaving her job. If you’ll recall, assistant positions really suck in general. On a patio at … Continue reading

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