The one where we go to a surprisingly super-cool party

Best dollar I ever spent.

Even though I live in THE ENTERTAINMENT CAPITAL OF THE WORLD!!!!, I hardly ever go out because I’m pinching my pennies until I get better paychecks.

Last weekend, my roommate, Jasmine, heard about a Heineken-sponsored party in Culver City (ed. note for those who know L.A. — I know, CULVER CITY? Random). For a dollar donation,  we were promised bands and beer.

As we entered the… warehouse? I don’t even know what it was… we saw beer, foosball, ping-pong tables, Wii consoles, and a hot dog stand! Whaaa…? This was more stuff than we thought there would be. Life is good when you keep your expectations low.

We decided to explore the hallway in back and found ourselves in the cavernous main room.


They had dessert carts, a mini taco station, a panini station, a photo station where you could pose for a fake Rolling Stone cover (complete with guitar props), and a handful of guys silkscreening t-shirts. YES! You could pick a design and then they’d make a t-shirt for you.

THANKS FOR MAKING MY T-SHIRT, NAPOLEON DYNAMITE! (I mean, you guys see it, too, right?)

And they had BANDS. And they had DJs. We loved the first band, Rogue Wave. They were surprisingly listenable and groovy. And get this: one of the DJs was Danny Masterson, who played Hyde on “That ’70s Show.”

DJ Danny

He had a creepy mustache and his computer – though you can’t see it here – said MOM JEANS on the lid.

In summary: food, drinks, entertainment, T-SHIRTS! for a dollar? Way to go, Heineken.

*All photos courtesy of super-awesome artist friend Helen Te. Find more of her way cool stuff at
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