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HOORAY, I’ve been up for 29 hours script-polishing!

I’m not entirely sure I ought to be posting right now since I’m a little loopy¬† (see above post title), but hey – I am trying to give you guys an accurate picture of what life in H’wood is like. … Continue reading

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Let’s talk about never doing audience work again

Are you good at clapping? Are you good at clapping for seven hours? Are you good at clapping for seven hours at a game show that’s not really that funny or compelling, but is sometimes amusing because Andy Richter is … Continue reading

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Creepy eBayers in Real Life

I just saw something really sad the other day. Picture the Comic Book Guy from the Simpsons. He is a real person and he is living in Los Angeles. He is the Creepy eBay Autograph Hound. I went to catch … Continue reading

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“What’s more humiliating than getting cut from a game show audition?”

I moved here without a job. I’m okay with that, except suddenly I need money, what with having to eat and pay rent and all. I’m a savvy, college-educated person with tons of experience. Where do I turn? Craigslist. Craigslist … Continue reading

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“For such a chill guy, Robert Downey, Jr., sure orders a lot of espresso”

Greetings from my Hollywood bungalow. Yes, I made it across the U.S. and rolled into town a few days ago. I’m living smack in the middle of Hollywood for two months in a sublet before I move elsewhere in L.A. … Continue reading

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Roadside Attractions: Report from the Middle of the Country

So I’m sitting in a Starbucks in Amarillo, TX, right now with a guy from Israel who’s making the cross-country drive from D.C. to L.A. with me. I didn’t even know him until the day before we left. How’d it … Continue reading

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