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I am going to die.

Okay, not literally. Just figuratively. Though I guess eventually literally? Here is reason #345 why I am in temp hell: Today I couldn’t take a bathroom break for three and a half hours. Every day I am technically supposed to … Continue reading

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Where to live in Los Angeles

I figured if anyone was thinking about moving to L.A. and wondering where to live, this thread would be extraaaaaaordinarily helpful. Everyone’s got an opinion and everyone’s right. L.A. is absolutely gigantic. According to Wikipedia (i.e. where I get all … Continue reading

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A Tale of Two Los Angeles…es

Anyone who moves to L.A. is crazypants. I am allowed to say this because I’m guilty. L.A. sucks and yet manages to be awesome at the same time, thoroughly confusing new-ish residents like myself. Am I supposed to love it … Continue reading

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Filming in my backyard…

Before I came out to L.A. eight months ago, I thought I was going to do production (for the uninitiated: helping out with filming, like production assistant work). During my first three weeks, I sent my resume to production companies … Continue reading

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