The devil wears Armani

I had a pre-interview interview with someone the other day. It was with talent agent’s assistant who was searching for her replacement since she was leaving her job.

If you’ll recall, assistant positions really suck in general. On a patio at The Coffee Table, this girl told me – in very diplomatic terms – that she worked 12-13 hours a day, her commute was two hours round-trip, and her boss was a micromanager who tended to throw hissy fits if she didn’t give him a heads-up on potential problems. BUT he was a “really cool guy.”

I’m sure.

Is the boss as adorable as this kitten? I'll never know.

She also told me she’d had to give up much of her social life, and even when she planned things late at night, sometimes she still didn’t make them. She’d often work until 9pm and then start all over again the next day.

Good Lord. So I told her in equally diplomatic terms that maybe I wasn’t exactly the right person for the position because I was used to a different management style.

Crazy side note: My foodie friend Helen introduced me to the coffee and ($7.50 a slice) cake at Alcove in Los Feliz. Helen is one of those cool artsy people I hoped to meet when I moved to L.A. One of her hidden talents is home improvement, so she helped me hang a 25 lb. mirror in my room yesterday. (I have a vision for my room, people.)

So when we were done, we headed to Alcove. It was 9 o’clock at night and the place was packed. Everyone was clustered outside around the (slightly unnecessary) heating lamps in the cool terrace area. What’s funny is that the website says the cafe is housed in a “historic bungalow” — what they neglect to mention: the “bungalow” also served as a mortuary until about 10 years ago. Enjoy your cake!

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