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My first pilot season.

PILOT SEASON! It runs from about, well, now until April-ish. Actors love pilot season. They thrive on the possibility that they’ll book a pilot and become rich and famous and have awesome lives with 10-car garages and bottle service everywhere … Continue reading

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Life in L.A.: the Golden Globes edition.


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Sometimes I am fancy.

I work at a talent agency, where I make about one dollar an hour, just enough to cover about zero percent of my living expenses. [Disclaimer: agency pay L.A.-wide is typically low and all assistants know that going in – … Continue reading

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Oh, Steve Jobs.

So I was at work (most of my stories start this way. I’m at work a lot) and in between submitting kids for roles and sending out auditions, I clicked on over to Deadline Hollywood, which is where we Hollywood … Continue reading


I am a TV plot psychic.

Here in L.A., we don’t have seasons (except pilot season, when the whole town’s abuzz getting new shows written, cast, and on the air), so we cannot celebrate my favorite season, fall. Instead, we celebrate the arrival of new television … Continue reading

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The L.A. weekend

YOU GUYS. Seriously, everyone needs to move here so they can have the most spectacular weekends ever. I am totally falling into the stereotypical L.A. entertainment industry-focused weekend and I am LOVING IT. Friday: Okay, I am lamesauce and am … Continue reading

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A heartwarming story told by memory, or The Legend of Basketball Joe

We are going to play a fun game called Something I Read And Really Liked In the Sunday Times But Can’t Provide the Details On Because I Already Recycled The Paper, or A Heartwarming Story Told By Memory. So. You … Continue reading

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You didn’t need hopes and goals anyway

That hiatus lasted longer than planned, oops. Here is a fun story to make up for it: I started temping at a talent agency yesterday. Today, I had the heart-stoppingest worst task EVER. Let’s pretend you are me for a … Continue reading

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L.A. and other natural disasters

I moved to L.A. in June 2010. I experienced my first earthquake in June 2010. Welcome to California! I was watching T.V. in my Hollywood sublet when suddenly the couch beneath me began to sway. Having come from the East … Continue reading

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Last Trolley to Tinseltown

I’ve been waiting, waiting for the perfect time to write this post. Saving it up gleefully. It’s my all-time favorite topic and it is the NERDIEST TOPIC IN THE WORLD. This is a post about stairs. YEAH, I SAID STAIRS. … Continue reading

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