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The One Where I Get to See the South Before I Leave

I live below the Mason-Dixon Line, so technically I’ve been a Southerner all my life, but come on! I live a short Metro ride away from D.C., where we definitely do not have accents. In fact, I thought grits were … Continue reading

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Where Did I Get All This Stuff?

That’s a bed under there. How did this happen and, more importantly, who can help me pack? T-minus 11 days ’til the CROSS-COUNTRY EXTRAVAGANZA 2010.

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America the Mapped

I’m using my brand-new SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA AAA MEMBERSHIP to plot out my insane trek across 3,000 miles of American wilderness. (Note that a SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA AAA MEMBERSHIP means the move is real, y’all.) Okay. Maybe it’s not all “wilderness,” but … Continue reading

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