Idea: Friend Playlist

I just use a Mac to up my hipster cred.

So I got this idea when I was washing dishes and listening to my iTunes about three minutes ago– a band came up on the playlist that a friend back home had suggested to me. I wouldn’t have normally listened to this band, but I did because it reminded me of my friend. Then I got to thinking–

I’m so far from home and miss all the friends I left behind, so wouldn’t it be a great idea if multiple friends suggested multiple songs and then my iTunes would be chock full of songs that make me smile and remember everyone? WOULDN’T IT?!?!

So, I leave it to you, friends: suggest songs, bands, books, anything in the comments section, and soon there’ll be a little piece of D.C. in L.A.

And new friends– you can do it, too 🙂

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3 Responses to Idea: Friend Playlist

  1. Sarah says:

    I *LOVE* this idea, Steph!! Making mix CD’s has been a favorite activity of mine and this is kind of like it! Will you suggest some for us too so we can all have a piece of L.A. wherever we may be?

    Sympathetic Vibrations – The Paper Raincoat (download for FREE at
    All Will Be Well – The Gabe Dixon Band
    Pencil Full of Lead – Paolo Nuntini
    Maybe Baby – Julian Velard
    Love Fell Down – Gavin Creel
    Dreamers and Renegades – Milow (also check out his Ayo Technology)
    Bread & Butter or their cover of 99 Problems – Hugo
    Right Angles – The Paper Raincoat

    OK I need to stop. :o) Too fun!!

  2. Last Train says:

    Hooray, Sare! Feel free to stop… stopping… if you have any more suggestions 😉 When I get home, I’ll dig up the ‘ol iTunes and see what’s playing!

  3. Last Train says:

    My picks:
    Kings of Leon: Fans
    Lily Allen: Back to the Start
    The Bravery: The Ocean
    The Sounds: Painted by Numbers
    First Aid Kit: Hard Believer (a sister group from some Scandinavian country; LOVE THIS SONG!)
    Sia: My Love
    UNKLE: With You in My Head
    Janelle Monae: Cold War
    Silversun Pickups (who are from my new neighborhood!): Substitution
    Kid Cudi: Pursuit of Happiness
    Temper Trap: Sweet Disposition
    Stereophonics: Dakota
    Dave Matthews Band: You and Me
    MSTRKRFT f. John Legend: Heartbreaker
    VV Brown: Shark in the Water

    All of these make reallllllly good presents for your ears!

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