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Where to live in Los Angeles

I figured if anyone was thinking about moving to L.A. and wondering where to live, this thread would be extraaaaaaordinarily helpful. Everyone’s got an opinion and everyone’s right. L.A. is absolutely gigantic. According to Wikipedia (i.e. where I get all … Continue reading

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Where Did I Get All This Stuff?

That’s a bed under there. How did this happen and, more importantly, who can help me pack? T-minus 11 days ’til the CROSS-COUNTRY EXTRAVAGANZA 2010.

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America the Mapped

I’m using my brand-new SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA AAA MEMBERSHIP to plot out my insane trek across 3,000 miles of American wilderness. (Note that a SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA AAA MEMBERSHIP means the move is real, y’all.) Okay. Maybe it’s not all “wilderness,” but … Continue reading

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The Devil Has Bad Grammar

Oh, dear God. So being the investigative journalist I am, I’ve already got my hands on the supposedly super-secret United Talent Agency (UTA) job list. It lists different positions with producers, agencies, and celebrities. It sounds uber-cool, but it’s actually … Continue reading

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You Are Such an Angsty 20-Something

So. I am shamelessly pulling the typical angsty 20-something move where I leave behind everything I know and head for the glamour of Hollywood. This is the part where I think I’m being really original by packing up all my … Continue reading

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