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My first pilot season.

PILOT SEASON! It runs from about, well, now until April-ish. Actors love pilot season. They thrive on the possibility that they’ll book a pilot and become rich and famous and have awesome lives with 10-car garages and bottle service everywhere … Continue reading

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Sometimes I am fancy.

I work at a talent agency, where I make about one dollar an hour, just enough to cover about zero percent of my living expenses. [Disclaimer: agency pay L.A.-wide is typically low and all assistants know that going in – … Continue reading

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I am going to die.

Okay, not literally. Just figuratively. Though I guess eventually literally? Here is reason #345 why I am in temp hell: Today I couldn’t take a bathroom break for three and a half hours. Every day I am technically supposed to … Continue reading

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A Tale of Two Los Angeles…es

Anyone who moves to L.A. is crazypants. I am allowed to say this because I’m guilty. L.A. sucks and yet manages to be awesome at the same time, thoroughly confusing new-ish residents like myself. Am I supposed to love it … Continue reading

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Don’t waste the pretty

I have a question. Anyone ever had a job where they were ignored for four months?  I’ve been a temp receptionist at the same company since June and, although I’ve made some inroads with some of the employees (mostly because … Continue reading

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When I came to L.A. four months ago, I scarcely knew anyone, but now I’m officially overbooked with too much to do with too many people. Not a bad thing, but I’ve forgotten why I came here: to write and … Continue reading

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The blogger moves to Los Feliz

Sorry I’ve been M.I.A.– I’m in the middle of a huge move to the Los Feliz neighborhood, which is the hipster capital of Los Angeles. And just as I finished typing that, I looked up from my laptop and saw … Continue reading

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The Hollywood food chain. Note: You are algae.

Do you remember the last time you made thirteen dollars an hour? I do: today at my temp job. And this is good money for LA– most stuff I’ve seen is eight bucks an hour. Breaking into entertainment industry is … Continue reading

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The Devil Has Bad Grammar

Oh, dear God. So being the investigative journalist I am, I’ve already got my hands on the supposedly super-secret United Talent Agency (UTA) job list. It lists different positions with producers, agencies, and celebrities. It sounds uber-cool, but it’s actually … Continue reading

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