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The L.A. weekend

YOU GUYS. Seriously, everyone needs to move here so they can have the most spectacular weekends ever. I am totally falling into the stereotypical L.A. entertainment industry-focused weekend and I am LOVING IT. Friday: Okay, I am lamesauce and am … Continue reading

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My new favorite place in L.A.

For months I have wept my eyes out because I literally had not walked on grass since I got here. There’s too much city and an abundance of cracked, jaggedy concrete. You guys. I found my new favorite place AND … Continue reading

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The Reader, the Writer

Lately, I’ve scarcely had a moment to write because my days are jam-packed. But here’s the thing: I need to write. I have a storied relationship with stories, demonstrated here: and here: If I misbehaved as a tyke, my parents … Continue reading

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When I came to L.A. four months ago, I scarcely knew anyone, but now I’m officially overbooked with too much to do with too many people. Not a bad thing, but I’ve forgotten why I came here: to write and … Continue reading

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HOORAY, I’ve been up for 29 hours script-polishing!

I’m not entirely sure I ought to be posting right now since I’m a little loopy¬† (see above post title), but hey – I am trying to give you guys an accurate picture of what life in H’wood is like. … Continue reading

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