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You didn’t need hopes and goals anyway

That hiatus lasted longer than planned, oops. Here is a fun story to make up for it: I started temping at a talent agency yesterday. Today, I had the heart-stoppingest worst task EVER. Let’s pretend you are me for a … Continue reading

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L.A. and other natural disasters

I moved to L.A. in June 2010. I experienced my first earthquake in June 2010. Welcome to California! I was watching T.V. in my Hollywood sublet when suddenly the couch beneath me began to sway. Having come from the East … Continue reading

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I am going to die.

Okay, not literally. Just figuratively. Though I guess eventually literally? Here is reason #345 why I am in temp hell: Today I couldn’t take a bathroom break for three and a half hours. Every day I am technically supposed to … Continue reading

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A Tale of Two Los Angeles…es

Anyone who moves to L.A. is crazypants. I am allowed to say this because I’m guilty. L.A. sucks and yet manages to be awesome at the same time, thoroughly confusing new-ish residents like myself. Am I supposed to love it … Continue reading

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Now I see why people turn to alcohol

I’m still temping as a receptionist. I think we’re on Month 5, but I’ve lost count. Here is a lovely snippet of a conversation I had today: WOMAN ON PHONE: (five seconds after I pick up) “It’s taking everything in … Continue reading

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