The L.A. weekend

YOU GUYS. Seriously, everyone needs to move here so they can have the most spectacular weekends ever. I am totally falling into the stereotypical L.A. entertainment industry-focused weekend and I am LOVING IT.

Friday: Okay, I am lamesauce and am pretty sure I was doing laundry or something. PRETEND FRIDAY DIDN’T HAPPEN.

Saturday: Saturday morning cleaning. OKAY, PRETEND SATURDAY MORNING DIDN’T HAPPEN. I redeemed myself at POWER LUNCH (aka a half portion of salad and a vat of coffee) with a pal near the Beverly Center at Kings Road Cafe, where we talked shop and “making it” in L.A. We discussed how we’re extremely close to becoming multimillionaires. Sort of.

One half gallon of coffee, coming right up.

Then I did laundry again. NO! I’M KIDDING! I had to rest up because that evening I went to the summer screening series at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery. Everyone brought food and wine and picnic blankets and enjoyed a vintage Steve Martin in The Jerk. In fact, I wrote a fab post about the very same thing I did last summer (Let’s watch Nicolas Cage movies in a graveyard!) so please read away and enjoy the hilarious ramblings of an L.A. newcomer.

SUNDAY: Went to my writers group! Oh, yes, I have a writers group. SO L.A. WEEKEND. Don’t be jealous. We met up at a coffee shop in the Fairfax district called Coffee Commissary which is delightfully stark-slash-I was totally being sarcastic right there since I really like my coffee shops cozy and not looking like they came out of Mission Impossible with all that brushed steel. (Ugh, I hate myself for alluding to a Tom Cruise movie. He’s so weird these days.)

So, A) I was already being a cool screenwriter by meeting up with my writer friends and B) then we saw SETH ROGEN there! My mom of course did not know who he was when I told her, so I sent her a link to his IMDB page so she could recognize his picture.

Here is her verbatim e-mail response:

“I saw him in Green Hornet. He was terrible.”

Oh, Mom. That night, more entertainment shenanigans ensued! My friend Michelle is a member of SAG (Screen Actors Guild) and she invited me to a special SAG screening of Rise of the Planet of the Apes on the Fox lot! Oh yeahhhhhh! I love, love, love going on studio lots. They’re fun reminders of what I came out here to do. It’s so easy to get lost in movie magic when you’re on a lot. The movie magic continued in the Zanuck Theater when I saw a display of old Oscars (behind glass, otherwise I would be writing this with a new Oscar paperweight next to me on my desk). Actually, I think I would casually put it out on the coffee table and then casually draw attention to it EVERY TIME SOMEONE CAME TO MY APARTMENT.

I'll take the one on the right and also the one on the left.

In all seriousness, I have been to industry screenings before and one thing gets me every time: When the movie’s over and the credits roll, they don’t turn on the lights. And everyone stays put until the very last name has scrolled up the screen. It’s a sign of respect to others in the industry and YEAH, I get a little choked up since I’m now part of it, too.

Oh… L.A.

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2 Responses to The L.A. weekend

  1. Alexx says:

    I dont know if its a sign of respect as much as just seeing if you recognize your friends names that worked on the movie. although both could be true .

  2. Julie Gray says:

    I love your joyful voice! Good luck in LA!

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