L.A. and other natural disasters

I moved to L.A. in June 2010. I experienced my first earthquake in June 2010. Welcome to California!

I was watching T.V. in my Hollywood sublet when suddenly the couch beneath me began to sway. Having come from the East Coast where we have tornado drills, not earthquake drills, I sat helplessly while the mirror on the wall rattled.

“Is this an… earthquake?” I thought, rapidly followed by, “Why the hell did I move here?” and “This was a terrible idea.”

Do I duck and cover? Stop, drop, and roll? Get in a doorway? I desperately wished for a tornado instead, because at least I knew to tuck myself into a ball on the floor and protect my neck.

At a loss, I simply sat there ’til it was over 10 seconds later (note: this is not an effective way to deal with earthquakes). After that, did I educate myself about what to do next time and stock up on the appropriate emergency supplies?

earthquake supplies los angeles

I did not. I went about my daily business for almost a year, attending improv shows, meeting people, temping, writing, groveling for jobs, etc.

The recent earthquakes in New Zealand and Japan got me thinking. 1) I know we have earthquakes in L.A., and 2) it doesn’t hurt to be prepared (or at least know “stop, drop, and roll” is NOT an appropriate response).

I dubbed this past weekend my first annual EARTHQUAKE PREPAREDNESS EXTRAVAGANZA, taking me to such far-flung magical destinations like

The weird emergency supply shop on Santa Monica!

earthquake supplies los angelesand


earthquake supplies los angelesand

Home Depot!

earthquake supplies los angeles

Everything in my room is glass, so yeah, I bought some.

My stash now includes: a two-week supply of non-perishable food and water, sleeping bag, plastic tarp, electric lantern, flashlights, tools (duct tape, gardening gloves in case of broken glass), and loads of First Aid supplies.

I even read up on earthquake preparedness:

For the record, the proper procedure for earthquakes is… wait for it…


You are now prepared for your first earthquake. Good luck!

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2 Responses to L.A. and other natural disasters

  1. Michelle J. says:

    You obviously missed the earthquake episode of Saved By The Bell. Tsk tsk. 🙂

  2. I love a good prepardness kit – what kind of food is included though? Better get some peanut butter crackers up in there mmmkay.

    stop drop and roll, LOL

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