Last Trolley to Tinseltown

I’ve been waiting, waiting for the perfect time to write this post. Saving it up gleefully. It’s my all-time favorite topic and it is the NERDIEST TOPIC IN THE WORLD.

This is a post about stairs. YEAH, I SAID STAIRS. NO, I’m not going to talk about something else.

Come with me on this journey into our imaginations. Picture a time before the popularity of the Model T. How did people get around? TROLLEYS. AWESOME, AWESOME TROLLEYS.

los angeles trolley

Awesome, awesome trolley. I could do without the creepy conductor, though.

Man, I would so kill for a trolley. Leisurely rolling along to work. Nodding at people while wearing a big hat with a bird on it. Maybe carrying a parasol. Looking up the definition of parasol.

People needed to easily get to the trolley stations. Here’s the problem: there are hills, super-steep ones, especially in Silver Lake/Los Ferlsjeflskdfos.

Ninety-degree angle = not okay to walk down.

How ever would all the dainty women and children navigate their way to the trolleys without running into peril?

perils of pauline los angeles train


They used stairs. Two hundred solid concrete (or whatever they used back then for concrete) staircases, hidden all over Los Angeles, nestled between houses and crawling up hills. The staircases originally led to these Red Car trolley stations.

silver lake stairs los angeles

Later, the stairs made their Hollywood debut in a number of movies including Laurel and Hardy’s THE MUSIC BOX. It’s about two guys trying to move a piano up a steep flight of stairs… I’m sure you can see where this is going.

laurel and hardy music box los angeles stairs

This counted as an original plot back in 1932.

But guess what? Even though we don’t have trolleys anymore (UNFORTUNATELY), the stairs are still there, dotting the hillsides of L.A. Sometimes you’ll stumble across them. Sometimes you’ll walk right past them. Since I love to explore, I always detour up a set of stairs if I find them. When I get to the top, the view usually hasn’t changed much (though I feel like I am subconsciously trying for a “The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe” effect… what is wrong with me?), sometimes I’ll luck out.

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3 Responses to Last Trolley to Tinseltown

  1. tears – I thought this was going to be your last post. But I am so happy it’s actually about trolleys! I love the damsel in distress picture haha!

  2. No way would I disappoint you, Bethy-Boo!

  3. Sarah says:

    Your photography skills are beautiful Steph!!!

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