Where to live in Los Angeles

I figured if anyone was thinking about moving to L.A. and wondering where to live, this thread would be extraaaaaaordinarily helpful. Everyone’s got an opinion and everyone’s right.

L.A. is absolutely gigantic. According to Wikipedia (i.e. where I get all my “facts” from), it’s almost 500 square miles, with 3.8 million people yelling angrily at each other on the freeway.

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He probably deserved it.

I live on the border between Los Feliz and Silver Lake. (It’s two words, people. Not Silverlake. It was named after Herman Silver, who was a member of  L.A.’s first Board of Water commissioners. Do your research.) While it’s true the hipster sightings are high (and so are the coffee prices), overall it’s a cute little neighborhood and a quiet place to live. Both Trader Joe’s and my gym are a 5-minute walk and there’s a slew of cafes, restaurants, coffee shops (I found out ten seconds ago we just got a new one!!), and two libraries (not that they’re ever open, thanks to budget cuts) a mere 5-minute drive away. Many of the earliest movies were filmed in Silver Lake, from the Keystone Kops to Abbott and Costello. Plus it’s relatively close to Disney, NBC, Nickelodeon, and Warner Bros., if and when I ever get a job. (Though it would be nice if the beach were anywhere near here…)

That said, Miracle Mile also sounds like a fun place to live because really, who doesn’t love the La Brea Tar Pits?


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