A Tale of Two Los Angeles…es

Anyone who moves to L.A. is crazypants. I am allowed to say this because I’m guilty. L.A. sucks and yet manages to be awesome at the same time, thoroughly confusing new-ish residents like myself. Am I supposed to love it or hate it? Somebody tell me.

Yesterday is a great example of what’s become kind of normal in my life.

8am-1pm: Perform part-time temp receptionist duties. Passive-aggressive? Frustrated STILL no full-time job in eight months! Cry on car ride home and repeatedly sniffle, “I don’t wanna do this anymore.” Listen to Beach Boys in car. Sing lyrics, “Don’t worry, baby. Everything’s going to be allllll right” through clenched teeth. Unconvincing.

3:06pm-3:44pm: Go on terrible first date. Six minutes late. Upon arrival, guy has already gone THROUGH coffee line without me and gotten coffee… for himself. Gets back in line to wait with me, but only until table opens up and leaves to “save” the table while I am stuck paying for my own coffee. It’s okay, guy! It’s not like I make $345 a week! OH, WAIT.

Los Angeles, living in L.A., moving to L.A., typical day in L.A.

Another one of my masterpieces, courtesy of my journal

4pm-5:30pm: See tweet from Foo Fighters, best band ever. They are performing secret show tonight. Where are tickets?! Wild goose chase all over east side. Found the line! Sold… out…? Sad.

5:30pm-9:30pm: Wallow in self-pity. Nothing going right. Boohoo. Decide to watch COMMUNITY episodes until brain falls out. It’s script research, so don’t feel guilty.

9:30pm-wee hours: Go to low-key West Hollywood bar to meet up with cool friends. Cool friends may have connections to talent agencies, where am advised I should work so career can START ALREADY, DAMMIT. Am told later on I was sitting at same table as Oscar-winning screenwriter because he is friends with my friends.


Hence, Los Angeles is an awful and wonderful place. Where else can you feel despair in the morning and elation in the evening?


Just found this on Rainn Wilson’s Twitter under “Why I hate L.A.”
Parking is definitely a good reason to hate L.A.

Figure this one out. I couldn’t and it cost me 63$. (it’s a saturday)

LOS ANGELES parking l.a.

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9 Responses to A Tale of Two Los Angeles…es

  1. Alexis says:

    i wanted to tell you
    and I was having a SHITTY DAY… and it ALSO
    made my life better.

  2. Mom says:

    You’re writing is so brilliant and think you need to focus on combining your cartoons with your writing. Love the blog title. Clever of course!

    The sign: Well . . . it’s a math challenge and why brains are spining. You should take that to the judge and see what they say.

  3. M.J. says:

    Parking is hands-down the worst part about living in Los Angeles. I think I’ve spent more on parking tickets than I have on breakfast burritos in the last two years, which is basically the opposite of the point of living here.

    Btw, I also moved out here from D.C. We are twinsies!

  4. Megan says:

    Beach Boys makes everything better!
    Just wanted to say you draw a mighty fine cuppa coffee! I might use your sketch skills for one of my new brilliant biz ideas. Wink wink.

  5. Meri says:

    I seriously love that you went on a date between the hours of 3-4 p.m. Worst.Date.Ever… Material??

  6. AC says:

    I’m from LA, now living in Boston. LA is the land of the parking, parking heaven, parking nirvana… compare to Boston. Boston hands down, the worse for parking.
    I agree w/ Megan you should combine your sketches more often with the stories =)

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