Filming in my backyard…

filming, movie filming, hollywood, los feliz, silverlake, silver lake, L.A., los angeles

Just another day in the neighborhood

Before I came out to L.A. eight months ago, I thought I was going to do production (for the uninitiated: helping out with filming, like production assistant work). During my first three weeks, I sent my resume to production companies around town. (Note: most of them only take FAXED resumes. Also, it’s actually 1987 in L.A.) Let us remember that I did not have any production experience; rather, I had “useless” experience in corporate communications that would have been helpful in every other industry except this one.

After three weeks, I got a long-term, part-time temp receptionist gig that I’ve been doing ever since. A steady paycheck (though a measly one) let me breathe easier than if I were embroiled in the uncertainty of production work. Lord only knows when I would have gotten hired since I didn’t have any experience.

But I still get excited whenever I see filming around town. Here’s a secret: whenever you see a yellow sign with cryptic black lettering, it means there’s filming nearby. It’s meant to let the crew know where to go. The name on the signs is almost never the name of the movie.  I know for a fact that one of these movies in the signs below is called “We Bought a Zoo.” Is it to detract nosy onlookers like myself? WELL, IT’S NOT GOING TO WORK, FILM INDUSTRY. I am going to keep stalking you as long as my work schedule allows.

filming, filming signs, yellow signs, hollywood, los feliz, silverlake, silver lake, L.A., los angeles

I see you

There was filming in my neighborhood the other day. Sometimes I wish I could throw caution to the wind and really do whatever I wanted in terms of a job, but it’s costly to live out here, so I stick with the awful temp job because I have bills to pay.

filming, restaurant filming, movie filming, Los Feliz, L.A., los angeles

Actual name of the restaurant: Mexican Village

I wouldn’t want to make my career in production; I just think it would be fun to try out a couple times. For now, it’s temping every day of my life. Side note: One night – not at the office – I literally told someone to their face to “Hold, please” while I checked on something. This instead of “Wait a moment.” This job is messing with my head.

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1 Response to Filming in my backyard…

  1. lol on the ‘hold please’ ! don’t worry, you are always one of the most interesting people in an office!!!

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