The Echo Park Time Travel Mart

This store’s name is so awesome, I don’t even need a clever post title. BEHOLD! The Echo Park Time Travel Mart.

Back to the future... and also the past?

From Dodo Chow to Evil Robot Memory Eraser, here is some of the stuff they sell.


For all your robot needs.

My favoritest favorite of all. I totally have a Donner party reference in my Modern Family spec script.

Why the Echo Park Time Travel Mart? Whether you buy dinosaur eggs or Post-It notes (aka “paper tweets”), all proceeds go toward the terrific organization next door, 826LA, a writing and tutoring center for underprivileged kids.

826 is a national organization and there are similar non-profit stores dotting America, including the Pirate Store, Greenwood Space Travel Supply Company, The Brooklyn Superhero Supply Co., The Boring Store, Liberty Street Robot Supply & Repair, The Bigfoot Research Institute, and The Museum of Unnatural History (includes Unicorn Tears and Confused Wood {from the makers of Petrified Wood}).

If you ever find yourself on the east side of town, make a trip to the Time Travel Mart! And if you’re busy today? Yesterday’s your next best bet!

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