Mickey was here.

Happy New Year! I’m mostly blogging because when else could I make a 1.1.11 entry? I made stops in NYC and home (D.C.) over the holidays:

How Christmas-y

FUN NEIGHBORHOOD TRIVIA! So, I live in the Los Feliz/Silver Lake area of Los Angeles and recently learned the first Disney animation studio was a three-minute walk from my apartment… in 1925. Here’s a fun little walk-through.

That's just swell.

And Disney himself used to live in Los Feliz, about a 10-minute walk from my apartment. He and his brother Roy lived next to each other in identical houses. He first drew Mickey Mouse in his garage (note to self: schedule pilgrimage). SAD GOOGLE ALERT: In Googling this bit of history, I learned Disney created Mickey when he was 27. Well, shit. I am way behind on creating a legacy that will endure for generations.

(EDIT – 1/3/11 – I was wrong. Disney’s house is TWO STREETS OVER and it’s awesome. Yes, I made the pilgrimage.)

They made Snow White at the Hyperion Ave. studio in 1937. Animators stayed at a little cluster of Tudor cottages, which were also supposedly the inspiration behind the dwarfs’ house. This article has a neat look inside.

Hi ho, hi ho.

Those cottages are still there, right around the corner from the old studio location. You know what’s not there? The studio. Know what’s there now? A SUPERMARKET. A GELSON’S SUPERMARKET. ALSO A STRIP MALL WITH A NAIL PLACE AND A WEIGHT WATCHERS.


If there’s one thing Hollywood’s good at, it’s NOT preserving the past. Bang-up job, fellas!


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2 Responses to Mickey was here.

  1. oh, history. I would be excited if I lived near Walt Disney’s house too!! It looks like something out of Fantasia. Not like I watch it all the time…

    lol, I thought that solider was a real person in the first picture.

    IS IT???? no it can’t be.

  2. IT IS! I’m lying. It’s not.

    IS IT????

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