Now I see why people turn to alcohol

I’m still temping as a receptionist. I think we’re on Month 5, but I’ve lost count. Here is a lovely snippet of a conversation I had today:

WOMAN ON PHONE: (five seconds after I pick up) “It’s taking everything in me not to yell right now!!!”

[She proceeds to yell because apparently she’s been transferred to many people before me]

ME: “But I have the number you need right here…”

WOMAN ON PHONE: “No! No more numbers!” [she keeps yelling and then demands to speak to my supervisor, which is incredibly degrading as I have literally just picked up the phone 15 seconds ago and have barely gotten a word out]

Please stop yelling at me! I already told you I had the number you need!

I have never held an admin job in my life up until now, when I’m almost 28. Certainly nothing where people thought it was okay to yell at me. Looking at my position in life logically, I only moved here five months ago and I’m doing pretty good for someone in a new industry. From an emotional standpoint, though, I’m at the end of my rope. My GOD! This industry is so hard to crack and based on the war stories, it sounds like it will take about two years of indentured servitude (we’re talking like… mid-$20’s, which I’ve never ever made, even at my first job) until one lands a decent job.

Five months. I seriouslyyyyy don’t know how much more I can take without catching a break!

Oh, and I can safely file this under “crying in public places” after I did, AGAIN, at Barnsdall Art Park. I need to get in some sort of Big Brother/Big Sister program for people who are new to L.A./the entertainment industry/being an adult, if such a thing exists.

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4 Responses to Now I see why people turn to alcohol

  1. Meri says:

    Hello, my life in Grad school. This is what being young is for. Love the blog… hang in there šŸ™‚

  2. Sarah N says:

    Hang in there, missy. Everything is such a big adjustment! I think you’re doing a great job with everything. So what, a few public tears? It’s healthy. šŸ™‚ Sending love!

  3. LOL at the blog title. However in my case, it would be ‘now I see why people turn to Big Macs.” Steffie I’m so proud of you! :))

  4. Anonymous says:

    You really need to read The Mailroom: Hollywood History from the Bottom Up by David Rensin. Some of CAA’s best and brightest have been assistants for almost five years now without breaking the 30k salary level… there are even coordinators making around 30k at production companies, agencies, and management companies.

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