My new favorite place in L.A.

For months I have wept my eyes out because I literally had not walked on grass since I got here. There’s too much city and an abundance of cracked, jaggedy concrete.

You guys. I found my new favorite place AND it has a building designed by Frank Lloyd Wright AND it has grass!!! BARNSDALL ART PARK. It also has badass views of Downtown’s skyline and two famous landmarks… guess. No, you can’t guess.

AAAHHHHHHHH grass in L.A.!

I’ve always loved reading and writing stomach-down in the grass. And even though I’ve hit a terrible case of writer’s block lately, there are two landmarks in the distance to keep me going. Exhibits A & B: the Hollywood sign on the left and Griffith Observatory on the right.

Looking very mill town-esque

And then you turn around and Downtown’s skyline greets you.

And they have a million HEART-SHAPED CHAIRS!!!!

Am only sad that I didn’t find this ’til November. We could have had such fun this whole summer, heart-shaped chairs. Oh well. It’s going to be 80 tomorrow, so not much difference there.

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One Response to My new favorite place in L.A.

  1. Alexx says:

    Ten years an i just discovered that park too, i love it! great sunset watching spot.
    i finally moved outta Hollywood i live off Hillhurst now across from Albertsons are we neighbors? we should hang out! glad your enjoying L.A!

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