The Reader, the Writer

Lately, I’ve scarcely had a moment to write because my days are jam-packed. But here’s the thing: I need to write. I have a storied relationship with stories, demonstrated here:

omg adorable!

and here:

omg awkward!

If I misbehaved as a tyke, my parents would confiscate my library card. In elementary school, I missed the life lesson on social skills and would read at the lunch table while my friends traded Handi-Snacks and milk pouches. My nerd flag flew high as I chose books based on the number of pages – I didn’t even care what I was reading, I just wanted to boast how the last book I read was 800 pages. (You think I’m exaggerating…)

A natural reader is typically a natural writer. The natural writer just has to carve out more time in her schedule so she can win an Oscar already. Or at least curb her Facebook addiction. Whichever comes first.

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3 Responses to The Reader, the Writer

  1. Anonymous says:

    Great post! Love the awkward pic!

  2. Last Train says:

    Thanks, Anonymous! There’s plenty more where that came from… (not saying I’m going to post them, just saying I HAVE them)

  3. ahaha I can hear you saying ‘omg awkward’ !! That is a really funny pic b/c it looks like you were hiding in the bushes/palm trees with a book.

    I do remember you always bringing a book to the lunchroom! As if our conversation wasn’t exciting enough? tsk tsk young reader. 😉

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