Don’t waste the pretty

I have a question.

Anyone ever had a job where they were ignored for four months?  I’ve been a temp receptionist at the same company since June and, although I’ve made some inroads with some of the employees (mostly because I’m loud and curious), I hardly know anyone because I sit at the front desk during my whole shift and there are zero chances to mingle.

Sing it, girlfriend.

This annoys me to no end and occasionally makes me wonder why I bother doing a bang-up job in the makeup/outfit department (today: Mad Men-inspired bombshell red lipstick and liquid liner cat eyes — girls, you know what I’m talking about) in the first place if no one’s even gonna interact with me. It’s personally frustrating because I’m the type of person who loves to connect with others. Back home in D.C., I met a good chunk of my friends when I worked with them at past jobs. Here, I don’t have a single co-worker’s cell phone number.

Most interestingly, it’s the younger ones in my own age group who are doing most of the ignoring. Per-plexing. However, I’ve networked out the wazoo and now that I have entertainment experience on my resume, I have a better shot at getting hired. I have a feeling that I’ll soon be landing a full-time job and can properly gossip at the water cooler with everyone else. Oh, and work.

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7 Responses to Don’t waste the pretty

  1. Steffie! You were the most friendly and welcoming person at FMI! How could they not see that?! They are missing out! 😦
    Maybe you should just talk in a British accent full time and see if that helps.

  2. Meghan Terry says:

    Don’t sweat it mama. It seems like you are finding friends there somehow in LA and that is a big accomplishment, moving somewhere new is always hard. Also, it is a little ridiculous that you only get one bathroom break. Keep up with the blogging.

  3. Last Train says:

    Thanks for the positive comments, girls! 🙂

  4. Susan says:

    I like Bethany’s idea of the British accent … that’s how you girls won me over! 🙂

  5. Last Train says:

    Yeah, we couldn’t hide the crazy… no matter how hard we tried.

  6. Keep sticking to your guns. Shit worked out for me.



  7. Michele says:

    I actually really like the British accent idea too!

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