When I came to L.A. four months ago, I scarcely knew anyone, but now I’m officially overbooked with too much to do with too many people. Not a bad thing, but I’ve forgotten why I came here: to write and become successful doing SOMETHING in the TV/film industry. A rundown of my weekend, which was awesomely fun but exhausting:

Friday: THE SOCIAL NETWORK in Burbank. Got there late. Had to sit in the front (!) row. My eyesssss! It was so good, though. I might be in love with Jesse Eisenberg.
Saturday: Outdoor Cinema Food Fest. 25th anniversary of BACK TO THE FUTURE and food trucks in a cornfield near Koreatown? Um, yes please.

Vietnamese beef spring rolls = YES!!!!! MORE!!!

Sunday: Pumpkin-picking and fall decorating for my apartment! Also took a stroll downtown, where they closed off the streets to cars to promote bicycle use for CicLAvia. The carless quiet was broken by people who rode by with boomboxes. I totalllly want to get a bike now (but also don’t want to die since there aren’t bike lanes everywhere).

Can someone donate a bike to my cause? Specifically, the cause where I want a free bike?

Other things going on: reading scripts, writing coverage, freelance social media work for a local company, watching TV/movies for “research,” getting hired by a tutoring agency, wanting to start volunteering at an after-school program called 826LA, and OH YEAH, going to my part-time job M-F. And throwing a fall party. And still doing fun stuff on weekends. And setting up more networking meetings. And hosting out-of-town friends. And applying for full-time jobs?

Wait. Where’s the part where I write? I’m supposed to be cranking some scripts out and have only written one spec of an already-existing TV show. Dude, I seriously need someone to advise me on my priorities.

True embarrassing story: Part of my job is to turn on the lights in the mirrored display cases, one of which has an Emmy in it. One morning, I turned on the lights and then stared at myself in the mirror and kind of moved to the side so I could see what I looked like with an Emmy in my hand. WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME?!

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4 Responses to Overbooked.

  1. Bearthany says:

    Steffie! Are you overbooked b/c I introduced you to the Cali version of me – Michelle?! 😉 Your priorites are fine, keep on truckin’! I miss you, John Cleese.

  2. Last Train says:

    Michelle is coming to my fall party! It’s fun to know someone who knows Bearthany!

  3. Sarah N says:

    Hahah I love that you did that with the Emmy. One day you’ll have your very own!! You sounds crazy busy!!! Yay fun!

  4. AC says:

    “One morning, I turned on the lights and then stared at myself in the mirror and kind of moved to the side so I could see what I looked like with an Emmy in my hand.”

    Sounds like a scene that could be in Get Shorty

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