Judd Apatow is alive… with the Sound of Music

A couple days ago, I went to an Upright Citizens Brigade show hosted by Jeff Garlin, who always brings a couple of guest comedians with him. This week included JUDD APATOW(!), who wrote/directed/had a hand in movies like ANCHORMAN, THE 40-YEAR-OLD VIRGIN, and KNOCKED UP.

The stage is small (good for stalking)

By the way, I know I’m always heavy-handed with the CAPS LOCK because I love it as much as Kanye West, but there’s a reason this time. When I read this one screenwriting book, I learned that in Hollywood, Movie Capital of Everywhere Ever, the correct way to punctuate movie titles is with all caps. So there’s your screenwriting tip of the day.

So I went to this comedy thing for five bucks, where the guys onstage mostly just told funny stories as they thought of them. Jeff Garlin even brought a bag of random crap from home (some books, some headphones he didn’t want anymore) and gave away the items to the audience. Essentially, it was an awkward yard sale with famous people in attendance.

Oh, and as I was walking back to my car, I ran into Jeff and Judd. I swear, I need to come up with a list: Arsenal of Stuff to Say When I Run Into Famous People. Because what did I say? “I’m a really big fan.”

I'm a writer and "I'm a really big fan" is the best I can come up with?

Ya know… part of the reason why this post is so late is because I was FIGHTING WITH MY STUPID MACBOOK PRO over uploading a video from the awesome Sound of Music Sing-a-Long I recently attended. Apparently, my camera and my computer, which is supposed to be great at everything, are not compatible and every video I upload looks ridiculous because the sound is running at normal speed, but the visual is twice as fast. I wanted to post a funny clip of everyone singing along to “Edelweiss” and holding lighters and bright cell phones in the air. You lose this round, Apple!

Anyways………. the sing-a-long was held at the Hollywood Bowl after sunset. I could see the Hollywood sign faintly in the hills (they don’t light it up anymore, so it’s tougher to find) and an enormous orange harvest moon rose in the distance.


Oh, and people wore lederhosen and nuns’ habits.

I <3<3<3 singing! Especially the Sound of Music because that was the musical I was in during high school. The whole amphitheater cheered and booed (Nazis are bad!) and sang along with the lyrics onscreen. Fun. Fun. Fun. (And “Sixteen Going on Seventeen” just got stuck in my head….)

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