Weekend Shenanigans

Three months in, the transition to L.A. is still rough. Adjusting to the constant threat of parking tickets, establishing a new career in a totally different field, and creating a new friend base…. I’m not stressed at all!!!

However, there are some perks to living in L.A. that you’re not going to get in Middleofnowheresville, U.S.A. — cool weekends, for example.

My Cool Weekend
by Last Train to Tinseltown

FRIDAY: Fashion’s Night Out, which was like trick-or-treating for adults. Stores all over L.A., from Santa Monica to Los Ferlsjeflskdfos, opened their doors until 10 at night, providing champagne, mojitos, hot dogs, cupcakes, and other tasty treats.

I'm going to cry, these look so good.

However,  since my friend Cara and I were first-timers to the event, we didn’t know the best battle plan, so we didn’t get as much out of FNO as we wanted. Lessons learned: get there earlier — everything shuts down promptly at 10; skip the Beverly Center (a huuuge mall) – too many people, not enough cool stuff; head straight to the hotspots like Melrose and Robertson.

SATURDAY: One Night in Los Angeles, presented by (sigh) Perez Hilton. For those of you who don’t know, Perez Hilton runs a celeb gossip website, a guilty pleasure of mine. He’s also one of the most self-promoting, cloying “celebrities” out there, constantly trashing other celebs he personally doesn’t like. In short, I hate him, but love the timely news he provides. Damn you, Perez!

He sponsored this concert the other night. I entered the ticket giveaway online and actually won! My friend Helen and I had to wait for nearly three hours outside the Wiltern Theatre, where we saw Perez walk past us with his camera crew, filming just how long the line was. Yeah, Perez, we know you and your event are popular. Blah. I kinda wanted to trip him as he walked past, but remembered my manners just in time.

Unlike the Heineken event, there weren’t any freebies… except for a FREE PHOTOOOOO:

We only go to things that are free.

The acts included Florence + the Machine, Pitbull, N.E.R.D., and Taio Cruz (who sings the “I only want to break break your, break break your heart” song and the “I THROW MY HANDS UP IN THE AIR SOMETIMES! SINGIN’ EHHHH-OH! GOTTA LET GO!” song).

SUNDAY: Last day of shooting for the student film I was helping out with. I’m trying to get into production assistant work here in L.A. — my immediate goal/wish is to work on a scripted T.V. show — so I’m building my resume with film experience. This is the first project I’ve ever been involved in.

We shot on a soundstage at USC’s gorgeous new School of Cinematic Arts facility. This place was funded primarily by George Lucas and Steven Spielberg and honest to God, looks like an Italian palace.

Kind of pretty:

And if we want to backtrack to before the weekend, I also went to the Upright Citizens Brigade show featuring Rob Riggle and Paul Scheer.

So, yeah. I’d say it’s pretty cool here.

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