Let’s watch Nicolas Cage movies in a graveyard!

Happy day-after-Labor-Day-weekend! Did everyone have fun? I worked on my very first film shoot (a USC student film), attended a swanky BBQ in WeHo (West Hollywood), and participated in a grand Los Angeles tradition: picnicked and took in a movie at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery.

Watching movies and drinking wine in a graveyard totally isn't disrespectful!

It wouldn’t be Hollywood if there weren’t stars, and the cemetery is no exception: Johnny Ramone, Cecil B. DeMille, Jayne Mansfield, Rudolph Valentino, Douglas Fairbanks, and other celebs like to hang out here. (They don’t really have a choice.) PEACOCKS also roam the grounds!

A red curb means you're going to have to move, peacock.

Every summer, an org called Cinespia hosts screenings at the cemetery. People line up hours ahead of time and bring food and drinks (wine, beer, fill in the blank). They open the gates about two hours before the movie starts and everyone treks through the cemetery to claim a spot on the lawn outside a mausoleum. The white wall makes a perfect movie screen and soon, the film flickers to life. (Unlike the rest of the residents of Hollywood Forever.)

This weekend, they screened Raising Arizona. There was something just quintessentially L.A. about the whole experience: the appreciative, rowdy audience, the silhouette of the palm trees breaking the skyline, the movie glowing on the giant wall, and the sky that’s always a hazy orange no matter what time of night it is, thanks to a combination of pollution and the bright lights of Sunset Boulevard.

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2 Responses to Let’s watch Nicolas Cage movies in a graveyard!

  1. Chris Desrocher says:

    Always a surprise, Stephanie – thanks for inculturating us East Coasters to the traditions of your new home!

  2. Last Train says:

    I aim to inform and entertain! I ❤ my East Coasters!

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