The blogger moves to Los Feliz

Sorry I’ve been M.I.A.– I’m in the middle of a huge move to the Los Feliz neighborhood, which is the hipster capital of Los Angeles.

And just as I finished typing that, I looked up from my laptop and saw a scrawny bearded guy walk past in a black t-shirt and skinny jeans. So I’m not lying. And there is a guy sitting across from me in this coffee shop and he’s been wearing sunglasses for an hour. We are inside.

Also 16,100 results came up when I Google Image-searched “los feliz hipster.” Here’s one of them:

Los Feliz hipster

Wait… what? Maybe Google Image search is slightly inaccurate.

Side note: Los Feliz is SUPER-hard for me to say because I was a Spanish major and everyone in L.A. pronounces it “Los FEE-lizz” instead of “Los Fay-LEES.” So every time someone asks me where I live, I’m like, “Los Ferlsjeflskdfos” because I stumble over the words every single time.

Anyways, I moved into a mid-1960s apartment with a roommate. The coolest thing? Retro black and white tiles in the foyer (slash//a two-foot area in front of the door when you walk in), the kitchen, and both bathrooms.

Although the view is partially obscured by a house (how dare they put that house in front of my window), when you go out on our balcony (yes, we have a BALCONY! jealous?), you can see the Santa Monica Mountains. We don’t have hills like that in D.C. and they are SO PRETTY.

Imagine this, but farther away, no Griffith Observatory, and part of a pink apartment in the middle.

Downside: the landlord gave us a pamphlet warning about the dangers of lead. Apparently, before 1970-something, lead paint was used in many houses and apartments. Here’s the loophole for the landlord: if he doesn’t perform lead level tests, he doesn’t have to disclose anything to us. All he has to say is that there is a possibility that there could be lead in the paint. Get out of here, landlord!

So, I should just be calling this number all the time, right?

Another downside: I’ve had the worst luck finding furniture since I have a tiny car and NOTHING fits inside! Luckily, my super-fab neighbors from my Hollywood sublet helped me transport a sweeeeet iron bed frame I bought off Craigslist yesterday. I assembled it wrong (of course) and so I knocked on my new neighbor’s door. Turns out he is a set dresser for television (meaning he finds all the props and decorates the “rooms” and other sets). He figured out the problem (me) and is coming over today to help reassemble it! Hooray!

This is not my bed.

I am still temping and still going through my savings like nobody’s business. HOWEVER, I have a job interview at a big network lined up tomorrow due to my fantastic networking skills. Someone knew I was looking for an assistant job, someone had told her she was looking for an assistant, and bam, text message at 9pm on a Friday night asking if I’m interested in the position.

Things I still need: a mattress, a boxspring, a desk, a chair, a dresser, internet, cable, a full-time job with benefits (and, dare I ask, a good salary). Not too much to ask, right?

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6 Responses to The blogger moves to Los Feliz

  1. Jeff Grandon says:

    So let’s see the floor tiles?

    Typed from your old office building — we miss you!

  2. Aw nuts– I actually took a picture today, but I don’t have my cord with me! I’m without internet at home for two weeks (gah) while we wait for AT&T to take their sweet time to connect everything.

  3. Meri says:

    Love it Steph! The view of the hills certainly does look lovely 🙂

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