A hilarious story about Bill Murray that may or may not be true

This Bill Murray grafitti will make sense in a minute.

So last week I was hanging out with my cool LA friends at a trendy Mexican restaurant (read: they offer $5 burritos) in an up-and-coming neighborhood (read: there is only occasional gang violence) on the outskirts of downtown.

Everyone was trading celebrity stories – they’d been working in the entertainment biz for a few years and they all had something to say.

One of my friends heard this gem secondhand, which means I heard it thirdhand, which means you’re reading it fourthhand and at this point, it may or not be true, but it’s still a gem, which is why I’m sharing it with you:

“My friend was walking in Central Park, minding her own business, when all of a sudden, Bill Murray ran up and started tickling her. Then, as fast as he had come, he ran away, shouting, ‘Your friends will never believe you if you tell them this happened!’ Apparently he does this all the time. No one ever will believe you if you say that Bill Murray came up to you in the park and started tickling you.”


BREAKING NEWS: I just Googled “Bill Murray park believe you” (awkward) and this eerily similar account popped up:

There’s an urban legend that’s gone around until no one is sure who it happened to, or if it happened at all. It was late one night, a few years ago, when a young man was walking through Union Square Park. He suddenly felt someone behind him, their hands over his eyes. When he turned in surprise, there was Bill Murray, his creased face leaning in close. Bill whispered, “No one is ever going to believe you,” and then just walked away.


Now I’m dying for this to happen to me (only as long as I had someone there to protect me from Bill Murray) just because it’s so darn WEIRD. You guys would believe me if this happened… right?

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8 Responses to A hilarious story about Bill Murray that may or may not be true

  1. Kelsey says:

    um, that could be the coolest thing ever. it’d just be a risk to tickle me since i kind of turn violent, and the world doesn’t need to lose bill murray.

  2. Sarah says:

    I’d totally believe you. And I really hope that when you come to visit me, this happens.

  3. Chip says:

    All evidence points to Bill Murray being a jerk, so yeah, it’s prolly true.


  4. Rose says:

    Bill Murray is crazy, but funny. (I really only commented to see this monster you speak of)

  5. I think they’re adorable!
    – the author 😉

  6. Steven Swann says:

    A couple of years ago, I was staying at the Grand Cypress Hotel in Orlando.

    Everyone around me got all jazzed up, because Bill Murray was in the lobby with an attractive non-wife.

    “I want his autograph!” (Someone actually said this.)

    Not understanding what someone would do with anyone’s autograph, I wandered over to Bill and said, “Hey, come give me a hug, you big knucklehead!”

    Murray complied. He whispered, “Where the hell do we know each other from.” I laughed and told him that we didn’t know each other, and that we’d be fine as long as he didn’t get too cozy (I’m a guy).

    He said, “This is hilarious!” I invited him over to meet my friends, explaining that he was going to have to give Kelly (my lady friend) his autograph. He did, and stuck around to talk for about ten minutes.

    Kind of funny. I hear he’s been a jerk, but not in my presence.

  7. Anonymous says:

    He just seems like an asshole to me. Never even had any good movies other than acting like an asshole guess the role fits

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