Let’s talk about never doing audience work again

Are you good at clapping?

Are you good at clapping for seven hours?

Are you good at clapping for seven hours at a game show that’s not really that funny or compelling, but is sometimes amusing because Andy Richter is the host and Betty White is one of the celeb contestants?

Betty makes it tolerable to clap for seven hours at a mediocre game show.

Welcome to my life and another chapter in my “jobs by Craigslist” lifestyle I’ve recently adopted.

I answered another CL ad, which is how I ended up sitting in the audience for the pilot of “$25,000 Pyramid.” (I know, they’re bringing it back again; is everything recycled in Hollywood?!)

They originally offered $40 (I know, and I took it; where is my bargaining power?!), but the show went into overtime.

Then we had a MUTINY!!!!

Crew members secretly told some of the audience that the producers were planning on keeping everyone there even longer without paying us more. They told us to leave at the break so we wouldn’t be taken advantage of.

The break comes around and thirty people get up and leave, myself included. We struck some sort of secret bargain outside and the producers told us that they’d pay us $60 if we stayed for an hour more. I considered my rent, then went back inside.

So, Craigslist, you win again!

P.S…. Andy didn’t seem to be enjoying himself too much. I’d be bored, too, if I went from being an awesome sidekick to Conan O’Brien to hosting a lame-o repeat of a game show.

Stay tuned!

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One Response to Let’s talk about never doing audience work again

  1. Jeff Grandon says:

    I love Betty White, I probably would have done the same thing to watch her up there. What a picture! I’ve never seen her that young before.

    I’ve always wondered how they can get those people to clap for so long — their secret’s out! Hang in there.

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