Creepy eBayers in Real Life

I just saw something really sad the other day.

Picture the Comic Book Guy from the Simpsons.

He is a real person and he is living in Los Angeles.

He is the Creepy eBay Autograph Hound.

You really wanna buy your autographed memorabilia from this guy?

I went to catch the stars at the Toy Story 3 premiere. Obviously I am not a huge VIP (YET), so I wasn’t invited to the screening, but I was allowed to loiter around the back, sketchily, with a bunch of other fans and Creepy eBayers. These guys bring movie merchandise to premieres, then yell and yell and yell at the celebs to sign it. This stuff will end up on eBay, where hopefully you will avoid buying it simply because these guys are so darn creepy.

Arguing about why Toy Story 3 is soooo much better than Toy Story 2.

Here are three Creepy eBayers together. Observe the MICKEY MOUSE T-SHIRT (true story), the autographed Kick A** portfolio where Comic Book Guy is keeping all his signed photos, and a child’s toy in the other guy’s satchel.

I was giving them the side-eye, particularly when one kept shouting, “Can you sign this for a kid?” You mean a kid you haven’t met whose parents have a credit card and are looking for a last-minute birthday gift online? Yeahhhhh.

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One Response to Creepy eBayers in Real Life

  1. Jeff Grandon says:

    It’s a living.

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