“What’s more humiliating than getting cut from a game show audition?”

Infiltrating the lot via Craigslist

I moved here without a job. I’m okay with that, except suddenly I need money, what with having to eat and pay rent and all.

I’m a savvy, college-educated person with tons of experience. Where do I turn?


Craigslist is the answer to all of life’s problems. It’s how I got this sweet apartment. It’s a fab source of entertainment (particularly “Missed Connections,” a personal favorite). And it’s how I found myself in a tiny room on a studio lot, auditioning to be a contestant on a new game show, which I conveniently found under the “ETC.” jobs section.

Mind you, it doesn’t take much brainpower to land this sort of thing. You gotta show ENTHUSIASM! You gotta show BIG HAND MOTIONS! However, as a non-actor who doesn’t really go on a lot of auditions, I was NERVOUS instead.

I paired up with a girl (an actress who has been trying to make it in LA for 12 years) and we each shouted out clues to get the other one to guess the word on the card. Although my category was American Idol and I racked up an impressive score of 6 out of 7, my ENTHUSIASM and HAND MOTIONS were, alas, not game show-worthy enough.

In the end, three other people and I didn’t make it. “What’s more humiliating than getting cut from a game show audition?” lamented one of the unlucky ones.

Let’s find out, Craigslist.

Time to check “ETC.”

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