“For such a chill guy, Robert Downey, Jr., sure orders a lot of espresso”

Greetings from my Hollywood bungalow. Yes, I made it across the U.S. and rolled into town a few days ago. I’m living smack in the middle of Hollywood for two months in a sublet before I move elsewhere in L.A.

I’m subletting from an actress who’s shooting a movie in New York for the summer. Our schedules overlapped by a couple days, so we had time to hang out before she started her own cross-country drive. She and my new roommate took me to the most amazing coffee shop that far outshines Starbucks. People, if you are in L.A., please do yourself a favor and go to Groundwork Coffee.

So the two roomies and I were enjoying delicious blended coffees and having a conversation about Robert Downey, Jr., and what a laid-back guy he seems to be, when the coffee guy pipes up from behind the counter. “For such a chill guy, he sure orders a lot of espresso,” he says, all casual.

“Ha ha ha,” the three of us say, equally casual, when really, that was my first “OMG, I’m living in Hollywood” moment — well, that and the fact that I can see the Hollywood sign two blocks from my apartment.

Then we stopped at our local Hollywood-themed Trader Joe’s.

Hollywood-themed Trader Joe's = hilarious

My second OMG moment: the next morning, we went to the Hollywood farmer’s market early to beat the crowds. I was clutching a bunch of carrots, peering around for some raspberries when we passed Nicole Richie, Joel Madden, and their daughter, Harlow.

L.A. is surreal — don’t even get me started on my very first night when I found myself at a small rooftop get-together in the house of a famous interior designer, where the guests included six Italian artists and I listened to an impromptu concert at a baby grand piano.

Don't ask.

I can’t wait for more.

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