America the Mapped

I’m using my brand-new SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA AAA MEMBERSHIP to plot out my insane trek across 3,000 miles of American wilderness. (Note that a SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA AAA MEMBERSHIP means the move is real, y’all.)

Okay. Maybe it’s not all “wilderness,” but probably there will be some tumbleweeds somewhere in the middle as I drive over the gritty vestiges of Route 66. Fun fact: Route 66 is no longer an official U.S. highway. What?!

Also there was just a tornado in Oklahoma City yesterday, which is my overnight destination on Day 3 of my trip. Okay, Oklahomans! Who wants to let me sleep in their underground tornado shelter?

I’m the planniest planner I know. Sad fact: I spent most of a gloriously beautiful weekend haunting online road trip forums to calculate driving hours and to dig up worthwhile places to see along the way. That’s okay, because I will get to see places like this:


And this:

BOOM! That last one is the Grand Canyon. You didn’t even see that coming, did you?!?!

But I’m still home. So I’m seeing things like this instead:

Dude. I need someone to pack for me. This isn’t going to work.


Day 1:
Washington, D.C. to Asheville, NC (8 hrs).
Overnight in Asheville.

Day 2:
Asheville to Great Smoky Mountain Nat’l Park (3 hrs). Hike, etc.
Great Smoky Mtns. to Nashville, TN (4 hrs).
Nashville to Jackson, TN (2 ½ hrs)
Overnight in Jackson.

Day 3:
Jackson to Little Rock, AK (4 hrs).
Little Rock to Petit Jean State Park (1 ½ hrs). Hike, etc.
Petit Jean to Oklahoma City (5 ½ hrs).
Overnight in Oklahoma City.

Day 4:
Oklahoma City to Amarillo, TX (4 ½ hrs)
Amarillo, TX to Santa Fe, NM (5 ½ hrs).
Overnight in Santa Fe.

Day 5:
Tour Santa Fe. Santa Fe to Albuquerque (1 hr).
Tour Albuquerque and Petroglyph National Monument.
Overnight in Albuquerque.

Day 6:
Albuquerque to El Morro Nat’l Monument (2 ½ hrs)
El Morro to Flagstaff, AZ (4 hrs).
Overnight in Flagstaff.

Day 7:
Flagstaff to Sedona. (1 hr)
Sedona to Grand Canyon. (2 ½ hrs)
Overnight at Grand Canyon.

Day 8:
GRAND CANYON at sunrise!
Grand Canyon to L.A. (8 hrs)

Start my new life and hope for the best!

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2 Responses to America the Mapped

  1. Chris says:

    What a great adventure! Have a fantastic, safe journey. I can’t wait to see some pics!

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